Software for every need

Agile culture and mentality

Elfo is a software house that offers specific solutions designed on every business need. We can design and develop software to facilitate business processes. We are a solid company that can count on the technical skill of 100 collaborators with a great experience gained working with international customers. Thanks to our customers’ needs, we have been able to set up an R&D team with highly specialized skills always up to date.


Our Business Units

Our company is split into Business Units. Each BU has specific vertical skills on different business areas. This helps us to stay always up to date, providing consulting services and creating effective solutions in accordance with the real needs of the respective sector, in order to improve and make day-to-day activities easier.
Each Business Unit is made up of one or more cross-functional teams that work closely with the customer from analysis to release into production. All Business Units work using the same methodologies and tools. This allows us to move resources in order to respond quickly to changes.


  • Team Osaka
  • Team Tokyo


  • Team Geneve
  • Team Lausanne
  • Team Zurich


  • Team Munchen
  • Team Berlin
  • Team Stuttgart


  • Team Chicago
  • Team Pittsburgh
  • Team Houston


  • Team London
  • Team Liverpool


  • Team IT Operation
  • Team Security


  • Team R&D
  • Team DevOps


  • Team Ambrogio
  • Team Arianna


  • Team Toronto

The Agile process

Elfo has chosen the Agile methodology over 15 years ago and since then has daily used this methodology throughout the development process. Every day we realize that this approach is the most effective to successfully deliver complex software projects.

Standard Method

Sprint 1
Sprint 2
Sprint 3
Sprint 4
Sprint 5

Agile Method

Sprint 1
Sprint 2
Sprint 3
Sprint 4
Sprint 5

Solid fundamental values for great results

Thanks to Elfo’s fundamental values, We can achieve results that seem unachievable to many others. Team spirit and internal collaboration between Business Units is the basis of every successful project. This is the only way to create high-value products for our customers.

We are one

We work together as a single big team.

Take ownership

We encourage people to take responsibility on the things they do

110 percent of passion

We work hard and we give 110%.

Make Customer Success

We create great trust relationships for the customer success.

Skills are at the center

Elfo is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has held Application Development Competency since 2012. Our employees are constantly encouraged to take exams to obtain the MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) certification. The certification confirms the successful acquisition of technical skills by IT professionals and developers in a wide range of Microsoft products, technologies and solutions.