Our advantages

The right choice for your needs

Elfo’s expertise is based on a wide range of technologies used to meet a wide variety of customer needs. We develop web, client and mobile applications released on premise and on the cloud, taking advantage of the most innovative solutions such as Machine Learning, to always keep ourselves always up to date.


Continuous updating to offer state-of-the-art solutions

Elfo strongly believes that research and development activity is crucial to provide always up to date solution in an high speed evolving business such as Information Technology. For this reason, we have a dedicated team with the goal of keeping track of updates, news and innovations and implement them throughout the entire corporate production process.


The framework behind everything

.NET Core is an open source development platform managed by Microsoft and the .NET community on GitHub. It is a cross-platform that supports Windows, macOS and Linux and can be used to create applications for devices, cloud and IoT. .Net Core is the basis for building our applications.


Cloud solutions

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform, which offers cloud computing services. The services available are manifold, from resources for data processing, archiving and storage, networks, identity management, monitoring and many others. Elfo has created international applications leveraging both more traditional approaches such as Infrastructure as a Service and more innovative solutions such as Platform as a Service and Serverless.


For efficient continuous delivery

DEVOPS is a set of technical tools and developments enhancing the communication, collaboration and integration between development and operation. The goal of this approach is to reduce risk by automating the deployment process. In the overall process of the Agile methodology this allows us to receive fast feedback and achieve fastest results for the customer.


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Elfo has been highy investing for several years in research and development to gather knowledge on machine learning and AI algorithms. Our machine learning know how has allowed us to recently develop high efficiency solutions for many companies in several different business areas.


Business Intelligence for Decision Making

Power BI is a data analysis service that allows to view interactive information and business intelligence features. Compared to traditional services, Power BI allows end users to develop and amend their own reports and dashboards based on a data set designed and developed by Elfo. Elfo boasts over twenty years of experience in business intelligence and datawarehousing. We are always exploring new technologies and trands such as Big Data and Data Lake new trends such as big data and data lake.