Specialisation and know-how acquired

Elfo’s specialization in Services Area has allowed to our customers to highly improve their control and management activities. Elfo has the ownership of the designing and the implementation of all the solutions delivered to the customers in the services area.


Our main customers


Our main solutions

  • Tool to manage and control the pricing list and the crossings tracking, used to organize the route and manage the accounting
  • Solution to analyse the Risk Central and to compare the different bank positions, with financial and analytical reporting tool
  • Tool to plan production manpower and technical assistance, specifically for companies producing mechanical equipment
  • Solution to manage accountability of assistance and maintenance on site activities, including customer acknowledgment process and a set of summary reports
  • E-learning platform with training modules for train drivers, crew members and maintenance staff of railway trains
  • Tool to manage insurances agreement for musical instruments during transportation
  • Solution to manage cameras data acquisition and share them together with local law enforcements to allow the correct territory control activities
  • TMS software to organize and plan road transport with Track & Trace module to monitor the means, shipping label and CMR management, accountability and Receivable and Payable management