Oil & Gas

Specialisation and know-how acquired

The deep knowledge of the Oil & Gas area developed throughout the last 30 years of activity has allowed Elfo to provide realistic and advanced solutions targeted on the dimension of the customers. Based on its long experience, Elfo today can offer to the Oil & Gas companies clear solutions for every need the might have
Elfo is a partner of the main players in valves, actuators, flanges, fittings and tubes markets.


Our main customers


Our main solutions

  • ERP to manage and control every activity of the company, from the offer request to the customer order management, through the raw material supplying, finished product testing, production scheduling and the raise of the final invoice
  • Development of functionalities integrating and extending the capabilities of other ERPs already adopted by the companies
  • Development of integrated systems to monitor production phases tracking
  • CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) to manage the entire life of customer orders contracts
  • RFQ (Request For Quotation) to manage activities and documentation needed before the customer order, related to the evaluation of a request to buy either products or services
  • VDL (Vendor Document List) to produce, manage and distribute the customer order documentation. For a concrete example of what has been developed click here
  • BPM (Business Process Management) to maximize and keep under control al processes to improve the business of a company
  • NCR (Non Conformity Report) to manage documentation related to all the activities to target the quality standards required to the company while producing their goods