Specialisation and know-how acquired

Elfo is working in the Food area since more than 30 years. Thanks to its deep experience acquired during this long period of time, Elfo has a deep knowledge of the main needs of Food companies and can offer a proved capacity in leading national and international projects to cover different requirements. Elfo has specifically developed a wide set of software solutions for HR management, Consumers Satisfaction, Suppliers Audits, Facility Management and Sales - Supply Chain - Procurement - Finance DataWarehousing and BI Solutions.


Our main customers


Our main solutions

  • Global Datawarehousing systems and Business Intelligence solutions on sales, supply chain, procurement and finance departments
  • MBO Solution (Management By Objectives) to measure through Goals and KPIs the efficiency of the resources inside a company
  • CAPEX projects management, to monitor and control the financial aspects of projects in a company
  • SAVING projects management, to standardize the restructuring projects
  • Vendor Rating management, to audit and rate vendors performances
  • Production Factory Monitor (PFM) to gather and report production data from shop floor lines
  • Recipe Management Tool
  • Customer Care for customer satisfaction management
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution System) to control the production in a Food Factory with interfaces to external disposal like weighers and PLCs
  • WMS (Warehouse Management System) to manage warehouses to create recipes and factory batches in a pilot plant
  • Customer orders acquisition and allocation