Zero Downtime Deployment

Minimizing Inefficiencies, ensuring high performance

03 mag 2021

If you've ever dealt with a software house, you'll surely feel the tension when the moment of a new deployment is near.

The deployment in production is always a delicate operation that could create a little bit of difficulty for the users because it generally coincides with inactivity of the application that, even if minimal, could cause some problems.


Companies need a tool that minimizes service downtime and minimizes risk. Not only that, in an Agile context where Continuous Integration and continuous Deploient are essential, it can make a big difference to be able to reach a situation of zero business interruption.


In Elfo, to offer a service that aims at maximum efficiency, we are proposing to our customers an innovative, very functional, and extremely effective deployment method: Zero Downtime Deployment.


It is a method that consists of releasing the new software, or its implemented version, in the same and parallel environment as the production one, channelling user traffic to the application only after the deployment process has been completed, without inconveniences for users. This type of solution ensures that there are no service interruptions, reduces the risk of data loss and guarantees a very high level of efficiency for software and applications, to the great satisfaction of the customers with whom we have already adopted this release strategy.