Why “Power BI” ?

In recent years Microsoft released and improved services and applications which helped the development of Business Intelligence solutions.

15 lug 2016

In recent years Microsoft released and improved services and applications which helped the development of Business Intelligence solutions.


Historically the spread of this kind of tools was pretty quick and it was mainly targeting companies that could implement data analysis models thanks to data scientists and software developers.


With SQL Server 2012 the SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular model was released. Since then, Tabular and Multidimensional model coexisted.


After that, the focus was moved to the so-called Self-Bi approach. This category includes software tools like “Power Pivot for Excel”, “Power Query”, “PowerPivot”, “Power View” and “Power Map”. Thanks to the simplicity of use of these applications, even simple users and end users could quickly build data analysis models and data representations.


Afterwards the cloud systems began their unstoppable diffusion. At this time a cloud-based service called Power BI was created. Power BI is composed of Desktop and Mobile applications allows the data analysis and visualization from the web.


Elfo couldn’t lose this opportunity and on March, 30th organized an internal training course thought by Nicola De Blasi from ABSistemi in order to analyze the capabilities of this tool and stressing the simplicity and the navigation interactivity of Power BI’s dashboard.


The cloud platform provides visual objects that can be connected to corporate data or to all sorts of data sources available to the user.


With Power BI the focus is moved from the data analysis inside a company network to the ubiquity of data.


For a software house, another interesting feature of Power BI is that it allows developers to focus only on data, allowing the development of secure and integrated solutions in a faster way.


It is a sort of data representation outsourcing solution.


The product is in constant evolution as every month new features are implemented. This marks the importance that Microsoft is giving to this emerging technology.