Like Apps, but better.

If you are looking for something that can combine the versatility of a web app and the user experience of a native app, Elfo has the right technology for you.

13 mag 2021

Are you looking for a way to make your company's processes more effective and faster, without forgetting the needs of your colleagues?

Then you are probably thinking about adopting a Progressive Web App (PWA)!


A PWA is nothing more than a web application that behaves and looks like a native App. It combines the best qualities of the former with the functionality and ease of use of the latter.


Although Native Apps remain the best solution to adopt in some scenarios, PWAs prove to be a very interesting alternative.

It can be considered in some respects better than a web application, especially because it can offer a really good User Experience (UX). The App-Shell architecture gives it very high performance during loading and one of its best and most appreciated qualities: the possibility to use the application offline. The ease of access and the configuration suitable for all types of device guarantees PWAs an excellent level of usability, which increases even more if we consider the opportunity to create an icon to access the software directly on the main pages of any device.

The features of a Progressive Web App are in some respects considered better than those of native Apps. PWAs are platform-independent, and their development is faster and more economic. Finally, they are easy to share by simply clicking on a link, maintaining the highest security standards thanks to the HTTPS protocol.


After having developed many projects that included the creation of PWAs, we are increasingly proposing this type of technology to customers, as it guarantees excellent performance and results.