Our customers have long argued and now it’s official: we are a partner that is worth gold!

It’s with great pleasure that we share with you an important step forward for our company. We are now officially a Microsoft Gold Partner Development Application.

01 dic 2015

It’s with great pleasure that we share with you an important step forward for our company. We are now officially a Microsoft Gold Partner Development Application. This means that we have achieved and certified our excellence in application development, gained over the years in the development of stand alone and web based applications. Actually, this also involves the development of applications with the advantage of the resources offered by the Azure cloud platform in Microsoft environment.


The Microsoft Partner Network’s main objective is to enable companies to improve quality through the access to the up-to-date technologies and to deepen and improve the technical knowledge, through specifically dedicated training courses.
The benefits of certificated skills can be translated into benefits, both for us and for our customers:


  • early access to news from Microsoft world;
  • technical support and advanced and qualified consulting services;
  • support in determining the most effective solutions to the appropriate business model;


This is an important goal, mainly since requirements do not relate only to skills but also to customer satisfaction.


The search for new solutions and the innovation on live projects are the foundation of our business and main aim: to be on the wave as leaders, offering our customers always the best. This is the reason why we chose to be part of Microsoft Partner Program Gold Application Development.


The guidelines of our Research and Development division are:


Definition of innovative IT solutions;


  • Growth of business competitiveness in new market areas;
  • Growth of corporate know-how;
  • Consistency of implementation through planning, business case, review, testing and deployment support.


Today Software applications are required to interact with external systems (including smartphones and tablets) that communicate in different formats or with automated systems. For this reason, it’s essential to be always at the forefront, with resources dedicated to R&D for new platforms and technologies to invest on.