Elfo Klab #0: comes a new way to share know-how

Elfo KLAB is an initiative with the aim to promote knowledge and know how.

14 dic 2015

Elfo KLAB is an initiative with the aim to promote knowledge and know how.


These events are organized in sessions, attended outside the working hours. They are mainly related on agreed topics explained by internal or external speakers.


The members propose the dates for the organization of the events.


At least five weeks before the event, a Call For Paper (CFP) is published and it lasts two weeks. The CFP is also accompanied by a Request For Proposal (RFP) through which users can propose a nomination for a session.


We have recently organized the first mini conference. We were located at “Mascudiera”.


At the arrival of the participants, everything was ready for the start and after the presentation of the event Paolo Tacchinardi and Mattia Benaglia kicked off the first session:


Session 1

Human error? No, bad design.


Discussion on the UI design of the applications.


In particular, they talked about Design Thinking, Human Centered Design and Error Designing.


Without any break, we switched to…


Session 2

“Keep Calm And Deploy”


Andrea Cirioni and Nicola Zangrandi presented us an example of automated and repeatable deploying, made with Octopus and its integration with PowerShell. They showed us that this solution allows simultaneous deliveries, in various customer environments, with just one click.


Denis Nani completed the track:


Session 3

The sky is always “Azure”


The session started with a brief introduction on how Azure works. Then he talked about how to migrate applications designed for installations “On Premise” to the Microsoft Cloud.


The meeting ended with a buffet but also with so much positivity and willing to try again


Two clarifications:


Why # 0?


# 0 because this was a test to see if Elfo is able to face this kind of challenge.


Did we overcome the challenge?


At the end of the event, the participants voted the event and the sessions and proposed how to improve.


The results are beyond our expectations, the event was very welcomed.


Also the people coming from outside said that it was worth the pain to leave their own job and join to follow the meeting and listen to the proposed sessions.


So the result is… let’s wait for the Session # 1!


Probably in the near future Elfo KLAB events could welcome students, professionals or customers with the opportunity to raise the know-how profile and methodologies applied by Elfo.


If anyone is interested in participating please contact us!