Communication way (1st part)

The research of communication through its proper organization.

16 ott 2014

The research of communication through its proper organization


Several kinds of information are spread to our company every day. This great heritage entails a big problem: how to store this information and trace them in the future?


Several exchanges of information occur every day at our teams.


These exchanges are mainly related to three fields:


  • educational (courses/useful articles to enhance the knowledge of methods and working tools)
  • information (news related to the daily life at the company)
  • operational (search for fast solutions for daily problems)


We know well that they are a potentially infinite value for our reality and, over time, we have tried to convey these streams through various tools (chat and internal technical forums), but without reaching our goal: storing and making them easily traceable by everybody, when needed.


For this reason, we decided to change strategy totally and tackle the issue in a more organized way.


Compared to other attempts we made in the past, when tools had the main role, now, thanks to some readings, we decided to focus more on people.


We made it through the creation of a team that represent our corporate reality, the Change Agent Team, with the aim to give more mindset to the rest of the company, because, without it, every tool would fail, like in the past.


The Change Agents started working soon and we will tell you how they are planning to bring concrete change in the next instalment.