We are on CLOUD nine.

From April, Elfo successfully completed the migration from Azure DevOps Server to its cloud-based version.

23 apr 2021

We are delighted to have been able to complete such a delicate operation. Azure DevOps server represents the beating heart of a software company, source code, work item tracking, continuous integration and delivery are managed by this tool. The migration was challenging, over 300Gb of data, we use ADOS, formerly known as Team Foundation Server, from the 2005 version and we have integrated and customized it on our processes. We would like to thank the Microsoft technical consultants who supported us. We welcome this achievement with great enthusiasm because it will open up new paths and opportunities.

This will allow us to take a quantum leap forward, giving us greater scalability, reliability, security, and high availability. The cloud gives us the continuity we need for critical systems that cannot be interrupted, and the opportunity to connect to corporate data from anywhere without having to use a VPN, but still guaranteeing maximum security.


For a company like ours, it is essential to have access to the best technologies. Only then will we be in a better condition to offer our customers services and applications that take full advantage of these tools. Being a Microsoft Partner allows us to stay up-to-date with what we believe to be the most advanced and efficient technologies in the IT field.


We want to bring innovation and added value to our partners. We offer our customers increasingly advanced technologies and applications because we are convinced that the key to success and to improving business lies in the ability to take full advantage of the potential of the tech world. We adopt the same philosophy, especially internally, and the decision to migrate to the cloud version of Azure Dev-Ops is a step in that direction.