Days as protagonists

Events and training and updating activities make part of Elfo’s philosophy. Unique events where we talk in detail about who we are, what we do, where we want to go and how we want to get there. These are the events organized by us, but also events in which we participate to always be on the crest of the wave!

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02 dic 2019

Silver Day

30 participants, 8 projects, 24 hours of non-stop development. In brief, this was the Silverday. A close competition, but also a party, where an unequivocal datum came out: a very high level of competence.

06 dic 2016

Agile days 2016

Just like every year, on the 18th and 19th of November the Agile Days 2016 took place in Pavia and, just like every year since 2012, Elfo was present.

21 set 2016

Silverday, next year!

For the fourth year in a row, Elfo organised a 24-hours event in order to celebrate the current working year and to have fun all together.

17 mag 2016

ITC DAY 2016

Last Thursday 12 May Elfo was present at ICT DAY 2016 organized at University of Parma.

29 mar 2016

Take off KLab 2016

More than 30 people have met at Mascudiera in order to participate to KLab 2016 #1 event, a great result if you keep in mind how late we announced the event (we’ll try to enhance our communication times).

22 dic 2015

“It’s very fun and beautiful to use our saturday time to share knowledge!”

As certainly some of you already knows, SQL Saturday events are free training days for SQL Server professionals and this occurs all over the world.

25 set 2015

Customer Challenge short story

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”.This Michael Jordan’s sentence well resumes what I feel, a few days after the Customer Challenge we celebrated on September 12th.

09 set 2015

The Silverday evolves. Now it is “The Customer Challenge”!

You snooze you lose, my friend. And After two very successful editions the Silverday evolves. Those who follow us know what we are talking about and who is new, there are articles about the previous editions.

07 mag 2015

Silverday. Go to next level!

The Silverday never disappoints. It may seem trivial, but it’s true. Whether it is to think new things as it was in the previous edition, or improve something existing as we proposed in this one, our Teams “give each other a good trashing”.

27 apr 2015

Report of an Agile day

Saturday November 15, 2014, 4 am. The alarm clock rings… Was I wrong? No, it was intentional. Today, to put it like “google translator”, is a light day. Come on, you have understood…Let’s leave for Ancona, where the yearly Agile Day is held!

03 ott 2014

SilverDay +1

One year has already passed since the first Silverday edition. It was a fascinating experience that coincided with our 25 years in business.