It is the software solution designed to organize assistance at the customer's support. Astro allows to plan the available resources, organize the activities to be carried out, keep track of the activities, inform the customer about what has been done during the intervention and manage expenses, giving an immediate report to administrative staff. All this in an easy, immediate and low-cost way.

Any company that offers a technical assistance service needs to: organize requests for intervention in order to optimize its resources, keep track of the activities carried out for rapid acceptance of the intervention and report the expenses incurred. Astro is able to respond to all these needs.

The advantages of using Astro:

  • Centralisation of information
  • Graphical and immediate visualization of the occupation of the available resources and any overlaps
  • Structured organization of the activities required for the compilation of the intervention reports
  • Maintenance of a centralized and updated historical archive of all the interventions carried out within the company
  • Access to supporting documentation in digital form
  • Immediate registration of customer approval
  • Recording of expenses incurred in relation to the interventions carried out
  • Sharing in real-time to the head office of the interventions carried out, the activities carried out, the expenses incurred and any customer approvals
  • Elimination of waiting times linked to the invoicing of the activities carried out

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