Vendor Document List Process Management

As an outcome of Elfo's experience in many important companies all over the world, Arianna is the perfect software to manage the VDL (Vendor Document List ), starting from its generation to the moment of delivery to the customer, avoiding errors, inconveniences or delays. The most innovative aspect of this tool is the ability to automatically deliver tasks to the dedicated offices. This makes this process fast, simple and accurate.

Vendor Document List Process Management

Some features:

  • dynamic workflows display the real-time progress of the production of order documents;
  • documents to be produced are dynamically assigned to the relevant offices;
  • confidentiality and protection of company information is guaranteed by the accurate user profiling. Each employee has access solely and exclusively to documents related to their role and area of competence;
  • automatic saving of all releases and changes of handled documents allows their full control;
  • automatic production of Transmittal for sending documents to the customer greatly simplifies the process;
  • Outlook tools make it easy to record customer comments, document approval status and any redirection to the related offices;
  • a graphic monitor effectively supports the activities of Document Controller by showing a document status overview, possible delays in document production and the workload of various offices helping it to prevent problems

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