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System Integration

The full achievement of goals cannot always be kept separated from the need to integrate the software with other IT systems already in use. The ability relays on the capability to connect the essential.

Since the possibility of integrating, sending and receiving data from heterogeneous IT systems has always been considered as primary importance, Elfo has developed a special module which guarantees also the integration with such kind of information.

System Integration

Integration players

Any existing software object, both at the customer's site (On-Premises), and hosted online (On Cloud) can be an integration player.

Elfo has a wide experience of integration, both with standard products (such as O365, SAP, Dynamics, AS400, etc.) and with third-parties custom systems.

System Integration

How to integrate

The integration between IT Systems can be defined according to different modes either based on events occurrence (On Event) or on scheduled timings (batch/scheduled).


With the first scenario, every time something happens, the integration notifies third party systems at the occurrence, starting and establishing an active communication. When existing systems do not have this capability, it is always possible to retrieve information and data from them in a scheduled manner.

System Integration


Although it is preferable to use standard technologies, it is important to emphasize that, since the software solution is developed according to the specific needs, ELFO has the necessary expertise to provide different integration methods, even non-standard ones.

When possible, however, the integration implementation between systems is defined through the use of modern standard technologies such as API, WebApi REST or Web Services SOAP, WebHook.




System Integration

Customer benefits

The main customer benefit is to preserve the value of the investments in the software tools, maximize the performance and effectiveness of each tool, minimize manual operations managing the same data on a plurality of systems, always have consistent and coherent systems.

System Integration

Already integrated solutions