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Custom software

To each company its own custom software

Our idea is that it's not the companies that need to adapt to the software products, but the software solutions that need to fully respond to the business needs, to make businesses and let organizations grow.

One of Elfo's main activities is the development of custom software. Thanks to our skills, methodologies, technologies, mindset and size, we are agile and fast in designing and implementing the best applications and understanding the companies' needs.

Custom Software

Why custom?

There is a pluralism of needs that are only partially or not at all fulfilled by market products.



Market products customization requires both the cost of license purchasing and the cost to implement customizations; in addition, costs of maintenance.



Something that is the same for everyone (a product) cannot be a competitive advantage.




Custom software solutions are developed to be natively integrated with customer's software infrastructure.




Custom Software


The development of a custom application means taking into consideration exactly the specific needs of the customer, mapping its workflow and providing the maximum ease of use.

Any problem can be approached with the help of pluralism of tools, adapting or retrofitting existing products. However, this will consist in a continuous switching between different tools and this will always lead to compromises. As a consequence, ease of use and daily efficiency will be reduced.


Custom Software


A standard software must satisfy as many requirements as possible so that it can be used more widely and can cover many use cases. This brings two unpleasant consequences:

  1. Wide scope: often a small part of a standard solution is really needed (even if you can switch features on and off or hide them, the management and configuration complexity remains).
  2. Insufficient flexibility: if there is a need for a feature that doesn't exist yet you can try to get a modification. But will the manufacturer make it? And if so, which will be the priority of your request? The risk is that either your needs will never be integrated into the product or they will be integrated not when you need them or at a very high cost.


Custom software, on the other hand, ensures:

  1. Responsiveness: custom software does only what you need it to do, bringing you an easy-to-use solution
  2. Flexibility: custom software can be easily modified and expanded, keeping up with business and technology, transformations and changes over the years. If you own the software, you can do what you need; if you need a feature that doesn't yet exist or an integration with a third-party program, you can apply the change quickly and easily.

Custom Software

Total control

Custom software allows you to define the development and growth of the project in harmony and accordance with the needs of your business. You don’t have to adapt your timings to the manufacturer policies but, on the contrary, you can have the total control over the evolution steps.


Custom Software

Competitive Advantage

Custom software also offers an advantage over the competitors. It is something that others don't have - and indeed, the custom solution is something they can't and will never have.

Custom software


The cost of a custom software solution depends on the size of the project and on its complexity. Requirements and choices of the customer determine the cost of a software solution.

By its design, expertise and organization, ELFO works on projects ranged from "small" (20k€) to "large" (up to 3M€).