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25 mar 2020

Dev-Ops, Technologies and skills, the value of our software.

For a company like Elfo, it’s vital to be able to find quick and precise answers for every customer, to ensure high quality and ready-to-market solutions. For this reason, Elfo relies on technical skills and updating.

17 mar 2020

Management by Elfo

For years, we have been involved in the design, development and management of the system for measuring the achievement of the objectives of Kraft Heinz, a multinational company that makes of MbO a real lifestyle.

13 mar 2020

The access point to your business

In this period, we have delivered a new application that works as one-point access for all the company's software.

09 nov 2016

SQL Saturday 2016

The event to be held in Parma on November 26 at the Engineering Department of the Parma University Campus.

15 lug 2016

Why “Power BI” ?

In recent years Microsoft released and improved services and applications which helped the development of Business Intelligence solutions.

14 dic 2015

Elfo Klab #0: comes a new way to share know-how

Elfo KLAB is an initiative with the aim to promote knowledge and know how.

01 dic 2015

Our customers have long argued and now it’s official: we are a partner that is worth gold!

It’s with great pleasure that we share with you an important step forward for our company. We are now officially a Microsoft Gold Partner Development Application.

09 nov 2015

Elfo sponsors the SQL Saturday Parma

Elfo will be the official sponsor of the event SQL Saturday to be held in Parma on November 28 at the Engineering Department of the Parma University Campus.

04 nov 2015

A Machine Learning Concept “clean out” the Customer Challenge

Hands up if you have tried to configure a supercar, giving all the options you could think of.

27 ott 2015

Gamification – Building House Game

The Gamification is one of the most effective ways to engage people. We have used this practice several times in Elfo, both as a retrospective feedback and as an introduction to a discussion.

16 lug 2015

Specialization is strength!

Development history of a solution services oriented that thanks to the Event Sourcing allowed us to feel this architecture type’s benefits.

26 giu 2015

Hexagonal architectures

One of the most common software development’s problems in the last years is linked to the insight of business’ logicals in the user interfaces’s code.

09 giu 2015


In his book “Xamarin Essential” Mark Reynolds starts with this question: “Do you remember when, in Star Wars, Anakin realizes that Palpatine knows the dark side of the strength?

09 feb 2015

The event-driven approach in Agile modeling

Software development is a learning process. In order to understand what to develop, you need to know the domain to model by your software, and this is a difficult activity.

03 nov 2014

Communication way (3rd part)

Here we are at the end (after first and second part) of the cycle of posts on how we thought to reorganize the communication at the company.

24 ott 2014

Communication way (2nd part)

As revealed in the first part of the article, we are looking for the “perfect communication.” Impossible? First of all, it was necessary to spread information really.

16 ott 2014

Communication way (1st part)

The research of communication through its proper organization.

10 ott 2014

A perfect day

A few months ago, one customer of ours was about to change its business model to reach new markets; this challenge made us reflect and rethink the architecture of the solution.

06 gen 2014

Implementing CQRS

In view of a growing expansion of the business knowledge, on Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 in October, Elfo took part in the “Implementing CQRS” course at the Managed Designs office.