Shared team-buildings and know-how

Growing together every day

We are a young and dynamic company. We like challenges and we love to grow every day. We believe that only in this way we can get better and better.

All the power of training.


We learn because we create the future




Technical Expert Program, our in-house training program

As part of the Technical Expert Program, Elfo offers an in-house training and certification course designed for all our professionals. The course aims to create highly specialized professionals through a learning course divided into three levels, from the lowest to the highest: Apprentice”, Pro” and “Master”.

The courses are divided into categories so that each work team consists of professionals with a cross-cutting preparation in multiple fields to ensure a dialogue and continuous cross-pollination between the BUs, and aim at training and certifying the skills acquired to guide our employees towards a continuous growth.

English course

Our business is focused on both Italian and foreign markets and having a good command of English language is one of the main ways to provide effective support to our customers. For this reason, we offer our employees the opportunity to attend an English course during working hours.



Elfo organizes 4 team-building events per year to strengthen team spirit: hikes in the nature, culinary challenges, barbecues, beach volleyball are just some of the initiatives we have organized over the years.


A day for experiments

What is it about?

An annual appointment organized by Elfo that involves all employees. An opportunity to put everyday work aside and give vent to creativity and ideas by developing projects over a period of 24 hours.

Why Silver Day?

Silver Day is a unique opportunity to give a “free exit” to our creative abilities that do not find room for expression in everyday work.

Thanks to this shared working day we can promote our creativity, experiment with new and reckless solutions, but first of all, collaborate all together for a common great goal: our growth!

How does it work?

Within 24 hours, each formed group has the opportunity to develop and present its own project. As in any self-respecting competition, only the group that has been able to bring to life the best idea will be declared a winner.


Knowledge sharing

What is it about?

Klab, which means knowledge laboratory”, is a real moment of knowledge sharing open to everyone. What is it about? This is a monthly event where we select and discuss topics related to agile methodologies and software development.

How was it born?

Knowledge sharing is the main way to enrich ones knowledge. That is why Elfo decided to establish Klab in 2015. Initially aimed at Elfos employees and collaborators, we soon understood that the growth and sharing potential it offered was enormous and we could not keep it just for ourselves. Today Klab is an opportunity to meet local professionals and to discuss together the most topical issues in the industry.

How to participate?

We believe in a collaborative model, that is why we created a board on Trello which we use to plan meetings.

In the column “I would like a meeting about” we collect ideas on topics to be addressed at KLab meetings.

What are you waiting for? Suggest a session!


Flexibility and autonomy

At Elfo, the agility is not just a goal, but also a real lifestyle. In fact, we offer all our employees the opportunity to do some of their work from home. This allows them to be more productive, saving time on trips from home to work, as well as gaining flexibility and autonomy in managing own activities.